Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience, skills and perspectives within Local Government by providing an opportunity for professionals at all levels to learn from each other to progress their own careers.

It has been developed by experienced leaders and decision makers in the sector to ensure the content is relevant to Local Government. 

About the program

Through the program, a mentor (experienced individual) is assigned to guide and advise a mentee (learner) over an eight-month period. Both participants are supported to form a professional relationship based upon openness, mutual trust, respect, encouragement and a willingness to share and learn from expertise and experiences.

Mentees learn from their mentor’s experience so they can enhance their skills and build their knowledge of the sector. They also receive informed advice on how to develop clear goals and pathways to advance their career in Local Government.

Mentors benefit from developing their leadership skills and improving their ability to guide others. They are also able to reflect on their own practices and gain exposure to new ideas, interests and opportunities.

The program benefits councils as it builds capacity across the sector by facilitating the transferring of knowledge between experienced and inexperienced officers and supports the development of current and future leaders at all levels of the organisation.

Participant Testimonial 

At LGPro, we believe that coaching is essential to your professional development and with access to a range of specialists working in Local Government, LGPro’s Mentoring Program can connect you with the expertise that is right for you. 

A former mentee in the program, Anita Ransom from Cardinia Shire Council talks about her experience of the program.

"My mentor Leanne has been extremely generous with her time and knowledge and I feel like she has really helped me in a number of ways. I feel much more confident in myself, my role at work and in how I will progress my career in the future. She has also helped me grapple with the whole work/life balance. I will be going on maternity leave with a number of ideas about how I will approach work on my return and I feel very positive and motivated about my future. The program has been fantastic, and I really like the way it can be tailored to each mentor/mentee relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to others."

Anita Ransom
Principal Planner – Policy and Projects
Cardinia Shire Council


Click here to learn more about becoming a mentee and to register

Click here to learn more about becoming a mentor and to register


Program Dates:

  • Program launch and orientation workshop: March 29     
  • Mid-Program workshop: August 23
  • Program debrief and next steps: November 22

More Information

For further information contact us at [email protected] or phone (03) 9268 6400+

Please note we are taking expressions of interest for a second series of our mentoring programs, please register your interest here.