Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

About our SIGs

Are you looking to join a professional network to support you in your daily work, why not join one of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs)?

These groups provide Local Government professionals working in similar fields with a valuable opportunity to network, share best practice, improve practices and knowledge by learning what their counterparts are doing, and learn about the latest developments.

Each SIG is supported by an online community which allows people to share information and find answers to questions and problems, in many cases almost instantly. People who join our SIGs are automatically signed up to a relevant forum so they can start tapping into the knowledge of others. Accessing knowledge from individuals who work in a similar environment is invaluable and should never be underestimated.

If you are unable to attend SIG meetings in person, SIG Members can access the live stream for many of our Special Interest Groups. We also provide a platform through our SIG online communities Resource Libraries, where people from the network can reference and listen back to streamed recordings in their own time; because we also understand that everyone has a busy calendar.

Active in the SIG Network

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To join a SIG email us at [email protected]