Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

About our SIGs

Are you looking to join a professional network to support you in your daily work, why not join one of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs)?

These groups provide Local Government professionals working in similar fields with a valuable opportunity to network, share best practice, improve practices and knowledge by learning what their counterparts are doing, and learn about the latest developments.

Each SIG is supported by an online community which allows people to share information and find answers to questions and problems, in many cases almost instantly. People who join our SIGs are automatically signed up to a relevant forum so they can start tapping into the knowledge of others. Accessing knowledge from individuals who work in a similar environment is invaluable and should never be underestimated.

Seeking your Expressions of Interest for starting the following SIGs

Employee Diversity and Inclusion Special Interest Group

Supporting Councils to build diverse workforces and inclusive cultures helps improve productivity and meet social justice aims. In the context of the state government introducing targets across a range of cohorts and proposing gender equity legislation there is an imperative for local governments to explore their own work in this space. This proposed SIG would help local government professionals seeking to improve the inclusion at all levels of groups like women, LGBTIQ people, people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, CALD, older and younger people. This groups could share best practice, workshop challenges and hear from experts - depending on the needs of the group. People at all level of their organisation who are working in the space are invited to express an interest.

If you would like to see the Employee Diversity and Inclusion SIG be formed, let us know at sig@lgpro.com

Transformation Special Interest Group

Transformation programs are changing the way local governments are serving their communities. Most public sector programs are facing similar challenges such as limitations around organisational silos, legacy technology platforms, traditional operations and legislation. This SIG offers staff working in innovation, transformation, smart cities, digital, service modelling and data governance the opportunity to collaborate on challenges, approaches and solutions. This group will enable meaningful conversations on various innovative frameworks and methodologies and sharing of lessons learnt. Being part of the Transformation SIG would allow you to meet and network with like-minded professionals who are tackling similar challenges and will create opportunities to share and collaborate.

This group will play a key role in addressing the strategic gaps and opportunities associated with evolving service models and new challenges that legacy technical platforms present. The discussions and reports from this group will be instrumental in advocating for the need to change and reform Council's processes and approach in the ever changing external landscape.

Suggested roles that may be interested in participating in this SIG include those working in Digital, Customer Experience, Service Design, Technology, Transformation, Change Management, Human Resources / Cultural Change and those working in Directorates that are undergoing transformational change.

The following list represents some sample topics that could be considered as discussion topics:

  • Market insights and trends in transformation - speakers from organisations that are outside of council (from other industries) or from vendors
  • Change management
  • Specific project insights such as how Councils have approached particular topics such as enterprise architecture, data governance, cloud-based solutions, ERP etc.
  • Innovation
  • Service design
  • Digital transformation
  • Smarter cities
  • Customer/employee experience
  • Cultural change experiences required to support transformation (case studies)
  • Analytics and BI usage and tools

If you would like to see the Transformation SIG be formed, let us know at sig@lgpro.com

SIG Member Testimonials


     Amanda Mills
     Property Coordinator
     Glen Eira City Council
     Property Network SIG 8 years

"I've had fantastic opportunities to meet others in similar roles across Councils. I have been able to learn and hear what other Councils do the same or differently to you within the same field, which is valuable. On top of that there is the excellent learning opportunities on current topics of interest that skilled outside presenters can offer the group." 

   Diana McDonald
   Risk Management Coordinator
   Horsham Rural City Council
   Risk SIG 8 years

“As a Co Convenor it is wonderful to see the support that our group gives. The SIG provides a wealth of knowledge to all attendees. On a daily perspective when a policy, procedure, or new system/process is developed there is always someone who has already got one or purchase some type of system and you can get some really honest and appropriate information from them."

   Sally Schmileck
   Team Leader Administration and Customer Service
   Baw Baw Shire Council
   Customer Service SIG 3 years


"I believe the forums are exciting, they share great ideas as well as saving time in getting started on initiatives, as you send an email out and the valuable information received often eliminates the prep work. Networking and the forums are terrific, this is the type of learning that is exciting - because it is real and relevant! I feel like I am part of a large supportive team - we are all facing the same challenges, looking for the same successes, and excited about where we are going."

   Ruth Kneebone
   Director Corporate Services
   Rural City of Wangaratta
   Corporate Planners Network 3 years

“Sharing of resources saves hours in preparation and research. At the Corporate Planners Network, I met a corporate planner from a large metropolitan Council who later provided me with a comprehensive lisiting of performance measures. I am now using these to review and assess our current corporate reporting framework.”


    Andrew Mifsud
    Baw Baw Shire Council
    Learning & Development SIG 6 years

“Being a part of a SIG expands our networks, knowledge, resources and collaboration effort. Many heads have made better outcomes.”

Want to join a SIG?

While you do not need to be an LGPro Individual Member to be part of a Special Interest Group, our members make it possible for us to support our network of 30 Special Interest Groups.

To join a SIG email us at sig@lgpro.com