Occupational Health and Safety

About the Special Interest Group

Our newest Special Interest Group covers all things Occupation Health and Safety. Occupational Health and Safety professionals in Local Government are invited to join our newest OHS Special Interest Group. Managers, Coordinators, Advisor and Officers working on OHS will have the opportunity to come together to discuss the latest trends and developments, share problems, showcase successes and network. 

The primary functions of the Special Interest Group would be to:

  • Act as a forum to discuss best practice initiatives in areas such as OHS system applications, risk assessments, training programs, policy and guideline development, OHS Committees
  • Share information and ideas on OHS programs used to promote safety in the workplace – what works, what doesn’t
  • Act as a central group for queries in Local Government regarding Worksafe programs or other industry body announcements

Marie Smith, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor at Whitehorse City Council is the Convenor of the new Special Interest Group. She believes it will play a vital role in allowing people working in these areas to come together and share ideas and common problems.

Emerging issues such as Occupational Violence and the use of chemicals in public spaces are hot topics which a forum such as the OHS Special Interest Group can openly discuss and share new ways of working. 

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To register your attendance online, under Upcoming meetings, click on the title of the upcoming Special Interest Group meeting that you want to attend. Then follow the prompts.

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  Online community

This Special Interest Group is supported by an online community. We believe that accessing knowledge from individuals who work in a similar environment is invaluable and should never be underestimated. Our communities are only for people working in Local Government and there are many benefits to participating in them. They are a great way to keep in touch in between meetings, by asking your fellow colleagues questions and sharing resources. You can also see who else is involved and get in touch with them quickly.  Agendas, minutes, presentations and other resources will also be posted on the online community.

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Simply sign in, top of screen, go to 'Hi' - this is your profile, head to Online Communities. If you want to subscribe to this Special Interest Group, let us know at [email protected]

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Please note that this Special Interest Group is a closed group, open only to employees of a Victorian Council with a LGPro Council Subscription.

To join this SIG email us at [email protected]

Who should attend

Local Government officers:

  • OHS Managers
  • OHS Coordinators
  • OHS Officers and Advisors

Occupational Health and Safety Advisor
Whitehorse City Council