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Local government in Victoria is responsible for over 186,000 places and objects listed on the Heritage Overlay in the Planing Scheme. The Heritage SIG provides opportunities to bring matters relating to historic cultural heritage, Aboriginal cultural heritage, natural heritage and for some officers, maritime cultural heritage, to a forum of like-minded and experienced colleagues. The SIG focuses on advice and best practice, and the complexities of heritage protection, conservation, interpretation and community history engagement.

  Online community

This SIG is supported by an online community. We believe that accessing knowledge from individuals who work in a similar environment is invaluable and should never be underestimated. Our communities are only for people working in Local Government and there are many benefits to participating in them. They are a great way to keep in touch in between meetings, by asking your fellow SIG colleagues questions and sharing resources. You can also see who else is involved in the SIG and get in touch with them quickly.  Agendas, minutes, presentations and other SIG resources will also be posted on the online community.

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Simply sign in, top of screen, go to 'Hi' - this is your profile, head to Participation and then onto Community.

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When: September 28, 2021

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Please note that this SIG is a closed group, open only to people currently working in a Victorian Council.

To join this SIG email us at [email protected]

Who should attend

  • People working in Local Government who are responsible for the cultural, natural and maritime heritage.

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To register your attendance online, under Upcoming meetings, click on the title of the upcoming SIG meeting that you want to attend. Then follow the prompts.

Heritage Coordinator
Whittlesea City Council


Coordinator Strategic Planning
Horsham Rural City Council