Arts & Culture

About the Special Interest Group

This Special Interest Group operates as a forum to support Local Government arts management and development activities. Delegates from all Local Government authorities across Victoria are invited to participate in discussions on topics relevant to the arts and culture portfolios.

The group aims to meet four times a year. Some of the issues focused on include:

  • Sharing ideas, knowledge and achievements within and outside the Special Interest Group, for example with other Special Interest Groups and relevant stakeholders
  • Networking and exchanging ideas between Councils
  • Providing input and representation to other levels of government and industry on opportunities or challenges 
  • Establishing information on training opportunities
  • Contract management
  • Grant management
  • Art & heritage
  • Indigenous arts
  • Art participation
  • Public art and other matters as they arise

Online Teams community

This Special Interest Group is supported by an online community. We believe that accessing knowledge from individuals who work in a similar environment is invaluable and should never be underestimated. Our communities are only for people working in Local Government and there are many benefits to participating in them. They are a great way to keep in touch in between meetings, by asking your fellow colleagues questions and sharing resources. You can also see who else is involved and get in touch with them quickly.  Agendas, minutes, presentations and other resources will also be posted on the online community.

Register your attendance

To register your attendance online, under Upcoming meetings, click on the title of the upcoming Special Interest Group meeting that you want to attend. Then follow the prompts.

Upcoming meetings

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Active in this SIG


Please note that this Special Interest Group is a closed group, open only to employees of a Victorian Council with a LGPro Council Subscription.

To join this SIG email us at [email protected]

Who should attend

  • Local Government officers involved in arts management and development activities
  • It is highly desirable that members commit to a full year of meetings to ensure continuity
  • If meeting attendance is less than 10, the meeting will be cancelled with two business days notice

Team Leader, Arts Investment I Arts and Culture Branch  
Melbourne City Council


Unit Manager Arts & Culture 
Merri-bek City Council