We participate in, prepare and present submissions and work that helps to shape the sector’s relationship with other government and stakeholders.

Our 30 Special Interest Groups are often invited to provide their expert advice and input to government and other agencies wanting to gather information and test new ideas. They are also asked for their feedback on a range of government reviews and the development of new plans and policies. 
We have made a submission to the Local Government Bill 2019 which was developed following  consultation with our Governance Special Interest Group, Board Members and Local Government Chief Executive Officers.

This is in addition to our original submission to the Local Government Amendment Bill 2018 made in 2018.
LGPro generally supports the new Bill and the additional reforms which we believe will produce a more responsive, community focused, and positive legislative platform for Victorian Local Government.

Our submission outlines the areas that we believe require further refinement and advice to the sector through the Regulations and Guidance/Practice notes and development of Governance Frameworks that will suit small, medium and large Councils.