We actively advocate for our members and the broader sector to influence other levels of Government and relevant stakeholders by providing the officers’ perspective as well as independent, expert, non political advice.

Our President and CEO hold regular meetings with the Minister for Local Government and Local Government Victoria to provide input and discuss issues of common interest.

LGPro is regularly invited to sit on panels to provide input on behalf of the Local Government sector.

A message from our President

Last week was certainly one like no other.  We had the Local Government Bill pass through the houses and is now awaiting Royal Assent.  We also saw the monitor's report on the City of Whittlesea Bill and Municipal Monitor's report tabled and recommend that the Council be dismissed, it passed through the houses with little comment and speedily received Royal Assent. By way of declaration, I had the privilege to work at the City of Whittlesea with smart, passionate and incredibly professional people and I left at the end of November last year to fulfil my dream of being a Local Government CEO.  

I want to acknowledge the impact of working in an environment where the principles of good governance and public service are impeded, undermined and disregarded.   Please see the Municipal Monitor's report which will give you a sense of the impact on the organisation and its people.  Here is an extract:-

 " However, the Council itself is broken by years of internal division, factionalism, personality conflicts and bitter legacies of perceived betrayals. The poisons in Council run so deep that Councillors from both sides of the divide see little prospect of ever bridging their differences. Council governance has irretrievably collapsed. Some Councillors appear to derive comfort from the thought that, irrespective of their endless feuding, the business of Council continues to get done. It ignores the damage that has been done to the good governance and reputation of the City, to working relationships between Councillors and staff, to their health and wellbeing and to the planning and delivery of services and infrastructure to the community. That the Council has continued to meet its service and statutory obligations is in no small part due to the resilience and professionalism of its administration. However, both have been sorely tested in the months after the sudden dismissal, whilst on Workcover leave of its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Simon Overland ".

I am so proud of the team at the City of Whittlesea.  They are now in a special club with the tremendous teams at the City of Casey and Shire of South Gippsland, City of Brimbank, Rural City of Wangaratta, City of Greater Geelong, City of Darebin ...... (apologies if I have forgotten a sacked council since amalgamation).  You are the heroes in these sad tales.  Thank you for your public service.

Liana Thompson
President, LGPro

Chief Executive Officer, Northern Grampians Shire Council

The critical role of your local Council in pandemic response

By Adam Lee, Pandemic Coordinator, Surf Coast Shire

We are experiencing uncertain times with the rapidly changing global situation concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) and with the Australian, State and Territory Governments leading the emergency response, it is important to remember the key role of Local Government in pandemic response at grass roots level.

Local Government, through its emergency management responsibilities, will be using their Pandemic Plans and Business Continuity Plans to reduce the impact of a pandemic on their local communities. This involves input and expertise from a wide range of council staff to assist in this process, including Environmental Health Officers (EHOs).

Increased threats to public health associated with events such as COVID-19 places greater demand and thrusts into the spotlight, the essential role of EHOs.

EHOs play a lead role in pandemic planning and preparedness, providing credible public health advice to staff and the community about health hygiene practices to contain and prevent the spread of disease. EHO’s would also coordinate the provision of mass vaccination clinics for COVID-19 when this becomes available.

EHO’s will be assisting senior management and officers with emergency and risk management to ensure essential Council services continue during expected staff absenteeism in a pandemic.

Often the role of local Councils EHO’s is not well recognised in the community and local government is experiencing a workforce shortage in this area. Remember the vital role your local Council plays in keeping the community healthy and a big thank you to all the EHOs working hard during this pandemic period.

If you are interested in joining this important profession, find out more on how to become qualified by visiting Swinburne University of Technology’s Graduate Diploma of Environmental Health Practice.

LGPro Gender Equity Policy March 2020

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  

This IWD LGPro is proud to release its first Gender Equity Policy.

Victoria is the first state in Australia to have passed a Gender Equity Bill 2019 in Parliament. A ground breaking step in tackling discrimination and gender barriers in the workplace.  As a large employer in Victoria, the Council Sector has a key role to play in leading the way in gender equity.

Women comprise almost 60% of the Council Sector in Victoria, with 24 out of 79 Councils led by women.  LGPro is proud to be the peak voice for the Council Sector and is fully supportive of a focus on gender equity and the opportunity it provides the sector to look at ways of addressing issues such as the gender pay gap, workplace harassment and gender equality across all levels of the workforce.

Councils will continue to play a pivotal role in the economic, social and daily lives of communities, LGPro’s view is that it's critical that women’s views, their voices and are represented across the sector.

LGPro’s first Gender Equity Policy is a start for us.  It is framework which will help us plan and action our commitment to gender equity. We pledge to report on our performance under our policy and to our members via our Annual Report. We also commit to regularly reviewing our progress.

I wish everyone a happy IWD and proud to release LGPro’s first Gender Equity Policy.

Liana Thompson
President, LGPro
Chief Executive Officer, Northern Grampians Shire Council

Download Gender Equity Policy or view below;

  LGPro Gender Equity Policy - March 2020