LGPro Emerging Leader Program Alumni Events

We know that coming together as graduates of the LGPro Emerging Leaders program is beneficial to serves as an opportunity to re-connect, network, and build on your learning. 

The LGPro Emerging Leaders Program Alumni events will be held of the course of the year with an opportunity for some professional development, re-connecting with your program peers and an opportunity to grow your network.


Events for 2023

Date: Thursday 19th October
Time: 1.00pm for 1.15pm commencement – 4.30pm plus networking event – 5.30pm
Location: Russell Kennedy Lawyers offices, Latrobe Street, Melbourne
Cost: $150, LGPro individual members, $190 non members (incl gst)

Event will include guest speaker, workshop and networking opportunity.
Guest speaker
Sally Tonkin

Sally is the Head of Impact at Prison Network, Prison Network journeys with women in and beyond prison, providing the support and courage they need to navigate positive pathways and create change. 
Prior to that appointment, Sally was CEO, St Kilda Gatehouse for over 8 years. St Kilda Gatehouse is a not-for-profit organisation which works alongside those reliant on street-based sex work due to hardship or affected by child sexual exploitation. 


Working with Complex Messes workshop

In a world characterised by rapid change and uncertainty, the ability to recognise, understand and navigate Complex Messes is becoming a critical workforce capability. 

Today's complex problems are not technical ones that can easily be solved. They are by their nature unstable, dynamic, paradoxical and messy. They require new ways of working and a different approach to sense-making. 

Your Complex Mess might be a leadership challenge, an organisational culture challenge, a community engagement challenge, or a wicked social or other problem. Or it might involve lots of moving parts and high levels of uncertainty. Or a need for change. Or, in solving one problem, you might have created another!

Rather than running away from complexity (as tempting as that is!), we need to lean in and make friends with the Mess. We need to get comfortable with the discomfort of not knowing; of having no easy answer, quick fix, or control over the future. 

In this interactive and participatory workshop, you are invited to have a conversation that is different to your usual conversations. You will have the opportunity to share your Complex Mess with others, listen to the Complex Messes of others, ask good questions, and gain some insights. 

You will also practice the particular skills needed when working on complex and ambiguous problems, which you can take back to your workplace:

Embrace the complexity – understand system dynamics
Conversations matter! – collective sensemaking
Nurture self-awareness – your compass
Identify small adaptive moves to take you forward


Meredith Bowden – your facilitator

Meredith has over 25 years of diverse professional experience.  She has had many roles including clinician, manager, strategy developer, coach, facilitator and consultant. Meredith’s experience is consolidated with formal qualifications in strategic foresight, psychology and early childhood education. She has written articles which have been published in professional journals and resources.

Meredith is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to find ways forward in complex and uncertain times through building hope and agency. She believes that the future is created through conversations with others about things that matter. 

Meredith brings a diversity of life experience and an understanding of complexity to her work, offering a bigger perspective and intellectual curiosity. 


Event Details

Next Event

Date: Thursday 19th October
Time: 1.00pm for 1.15pm commencement – 4.30pm plus networking event – 5.30pm
Location: Russell Kennedy Lawyers offices, Latrobe Street, Melbourne
Cost: $150, LGPro individual members, $190 non members (incl gst)


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