Strategic Planning and Decision Making - Foundation

About the workshop

Integrated Strategic Planning and Decision Making – Foundation is a recurring workshop for those with limited or no experience in working with annual planning and resourcing processes. 

The workshop explores the foundations of this planning, including the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020 and how to create the conditions for success for both Council and the administration. 

The workshop is suited to local government officers moving into or aspiring to management roles, including supervisors and early-stage coordinators, and corporate planning and performance management officers. 
The four-hour workshop explores the role of Councillors, the executive, and the administration in the context of the Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework from the Act, highlighting the role of effective, respectful, and strong relationships in building a constructive culture focused on outcomes.

Participants learn important frameworks within strategic planning and reporting, exploring the role of Council as the elected authority and governing body, the administration as principal advisor and facilitator, as well as issues like mandate, legitimacy, public value, and public interest.  

Target group

The course is designed to meet a broad range of learning and development needs and it will be dynamically adapted based on a pre-workshop survey. The workshop is intended for:

  • Participants will have limited or no experience in working with the annual planning and resourcing processes.
  • The workshop will explore the foundations and requirements of the Local Government Act 2020 and how to create the conditions for success for both Council and the administration.
  • Local government officers moving or with aspirations to move into management roles – supervisors and early-stage coordinators – people working with the system.
  • Corporate planning and performance management officers – people working in the system.

Upcoming Workshops

4 hour workshop. Pre-workshop survey required to be completed.

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About the facilitator

Craig Kenny is an independent consultant offering a broad range of professional services to government and the not-for-profit sector based in Melbourne and South Gippsland.

He held senior executive corporate and community roles for more than twenty-five years in complex and demanding local government environments.  

Craig provided specialist support to Local Government Victoria during the roll out of the sector engagement and co-design for the new Integrated strategic Planning and Reporting Framework in 2020. He has significant experience in corporate and community services, community engagement, social infrastructure planning, policy, service planning and guiding the development of agile and responsive organisations.

Good governance has been at the core of his work for over two decades and this has established a solid foundation for his consulting work and board appointments. 



Learning outcomes

A pre-workshop survey of participant is used to tailor and align the workshop program to group learning objectives.

The workshop explores the strategic role of the Mayor & Councillors, CEO & Executive and Administration to engage with and deliver on the requirements of the Act. It will highlight the importance of well-defined, effective, respectful, and strong relationships. Critical relationships within three operational domains will be explored:
  • Council’s democratic and representative role and how elected members can work effectively to set an agenda and realise benefits for the community
  • The critical relationship between Council, the Executive and organisation and the respective roles and responsibilities
  • The relationship between Council and the community and how legitimacy and trust is built through transparency and engagement
The course applies two simple frameworks to generate insights and describe the roles, responsibilities, and work of the elected Council and the Administration.
  • Public value – explores the roles of Council as the elected authority and governing body and the administration as principal advisor and facilitator to realise benefits and deliver outcomes.
  • Decision framework – provides a useful and practical means of exploring the roles and functions of Council, issues such as mandate, legitimacy, public value, and public interest.
Other learning outcomes will include:
  • Improved understanding of the rationale for the move to principles-based legislation and objectives of the Act.
  • What the transition means in practical terms for local accountability and decision-making
  • Exploring the respective roles of the Council, CEO and Administration:
    • In setting clear direction and establishing a mandate to support organisational effectiveness.
    • Initiation, development and sustaining of integrated strategic planning and reporting processes.
    • Responsibility, accountability and ownership of the Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework

Course Details

Duration: 4 hours
Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm

Face to Face

Duration: 4 hours (light morning tea provided)
Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm



  • Member: $505 incl. GST
  • Non-member: $725 incl. GST

Face to Face

  • Member: $525 incl. GST
  • Non-member: $750 incl. GST

Pricing is valid for programs commencing from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025

Member prices are valid for the following individual LGPro Memberships:  LGPro Fellow, Professional & Young Professional Members

More information

For further information email [email protected] or phone (03) 9268 6400

Cancellation Policy: LGPro is an independent member association and all money generated is used to develop quality professional development activities and services. Our events and programs are budgeted on a minimum number of attendees so providing us with sufficient notice regarding non-attendance is imperative to the success of all our events. Where a substitute delegate cannot be appointed, the following will apply for any cancellations:

7+ business days prior the workshop: full refund and/or transfer available
6 business days prior the workshop: no refund available, however substitute participants are welcome.
A substitute delegate is encouraged to attend in place of a cancellation.

All cancellations and substitutes must be received in writing by LGPro.
* Transfers to the next available program intake are subject to any applicable fee increases.

LGPro's full cancellation policy.

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4 hour workshop with the requirement of completing a pre-workshop survey. The course is run over a single four-hour session. Information is pitched at a more general level to provide an overview of the architecture and how the ‘system’ fits together A pre-workshop survey of participants is used to tailor and align the workshop program to group learning objectives. A background discussion paper and outline agenda are issued one week prior to the... Details
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