Mastering Management

About the program

The LGPro Mastering Management Program is designed to equip forward-thinking managers with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to lead with confidence and capability to effectively manage the diversity, complexity and competing agendas in the contemporary world of Local Government.  

This highly engaging program sets out to strengthen the awareness and management capability of participants with a focus on three core leadership development areas: 
Leading Self – growing self-awareness and personal capability
Leading Others - creating a culture that nurtures successful teams and partnerships
Leading in Local Government – leading within your organisation and the community. 

This program will explore diverse perspectives on what ‘good leadership’ is, and how these different perspectives relate to the aspirations participants have for their own leadership.  It assists individuals to build on their unique strengths and motivations to be the authentic and successful leaders they want to be. 

The program will include a range of individual and group activities to stimulate personal and professional growth, and to build valuable networks within the local government sector.  Participants will be introduced to a range of leadership and management concepts, research and tools which can be applied in practical and powerful ways within organisations.  The program activities will include interactive group engagement, exploring real life scenarios, and fostering reflective practice.

The program will explore a range of leadership issues including the following:

Leading Self:
self-awareness - understanding personal motivations, styles, strengths, and vulnerabilities
sustaining health, wellbeing, and resilience 
values and ethical decision making

Leading Others:
working with diversity - individuals and groups
growing successful teams and partnerships
building a learning organisation 
leading people through change
maximising the power of shared purpose and collaboration in complex systems

Leading in Local Government:
leadership, accountability, and good governance in local government
enabling access, equity, and inclusion
community engagement and customer focused service provision

The program will include:
A short online introductory session
A residential program held over two days
Four in-person workshop sessions over a four month period
Two online seminars with guest presenters 
Two individual coaching sessions with experienced leadership coaches
An action learning project designed by each participant which is relevant to their role 

Course Dates

 TOPIC      2024           Series 1 DATE/TIME   2024    Series 2       DATE/TIME 
Online Introduction
- 1.5 hours
Introductory session – overview of the program and an opportunity for participants to meet the Facilitators and Participants prior to the Residential Forum    7 Feb
  9.30 - 11am
 17 Jun           1.30 - 3pm
Residential Forum:
Series 1 - Flowerdale Estate
Series 2 - Panorama Retreat & Resort

Personal Qualities and Leadership Attributes in Local Government

   15 Feb     Start: 10am  27 Jun Start:10am
Residential Forum:
Series 1 - Flowerdale Estate
Series 2 - Panorama Retreat & Resort

Relationships in Organisations and the Community - The Value of Others

   16 Feb
End: 3pm
 28 Jun
End: 3pm
Online Seminar 1     4 Mar
 1.30pm -           3pm
  5 Aug
 2.30pm -           4pm
In-person Training
LGPro Docklands
Values and Ethical Decision Making

When 'right' and 'wrong' don't exist - responding to 'wicked problems'

   13 Mar       9.30am -   3pm  17 Jul   9.30am -   3pm
In-Person Training
LGPro Docklands

 Contemporary Issues in Local Government

Leading People through Change
   16 Apr         9.30am -     3pm           28 Aug      9.30am -     3pm
In-person Training
LGPro Docklands

Client Focused Services and Community Engagement

   8 May     9.30am -   3pm  17 Oct    9.30am -   3pm
 Online Seminar 2    20 May
 1.30pm -           3pm
  24 Oct
 9.30pm -           11pm
In-person Training
LGPro Docklands
Building a Learning Organisation
 Coaching and Mentoring
   5 Jun   9.30am -   3pm  28 Nov   9.30am -   3pm
Online Supervisor     Wrap Up    6 June       9.30am -   11am  2 Dec   1.30pm -   3pm

2023 Series 1 participants

Lead Facilitators

Kerry Stubbings 

Kerry is a leadership coach and mentor with over thirty years experience in Local Government , State Government and the not for profit sector. As a consultant specialising in Local Government - strategic planning, policy  and service reviews, organisation and team development, Kerry is passionate about building successful and engaged orgnisations, where people, individually and collectively, are using their skills creativity, to achieve positive outcomes with communities.

Neil Middleton

Neil has over 30 years’ experience in organisational and people development and works with clients across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. Neil brings to his coaching and facilitation a rich and broad perspective informed by his previous roles in Melbourne Business School, BHP, Levi Strauss & Co. and Rover Cars.

He is committed to enriching people and teams as the heart of thriving and responsible organisations, achieved through a focus on leadership effectiveness, high performance teams and change capability. Described as attentive and insightful, with a calm and engaging style, Neil encourages conversation, collaboration and commitment to action.

Participant Testimonial

'Mastering Management was great fun, helped me enhance my network and provided me with useful skills and insights to utilise in my workplace’ - David Shephard

‘LGPro Mastering Management is a great opportunity to solidify management/leadership styles and techniques to hone your own skills and to validate why you do what you do. Thank you LGPro.’

Series 2024 is now open

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Small Council

  • Member: $4,552 incl. GST
  • Non-member: $5,141 incl. GST

Medium Council

  • Member: $5,623 incl. GST
  • Non-member: $6,105 incl. GST

Large Council

  • Member: $5,944 incl. GST
  • Non-member: $6,415 incl. GST
We value and celebrate diversity in the Mastering Management Program and recognise that some people face greater barriers to leadership opportunities than others. For this reason, we strongly encourage applicants who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, LGBTIQ* (especially transgender, intersex and gender diverse people), people with disabilities, women, and people from CALD backgrounds to register. If you are a member of one of these communities and require additional information and/or assistance, please reach out to the LGPro team.

Member prices are valid for the following individual LGPro Memberships:  LGPro Fellow, Professional & Young Professional Members

For further information contact [email protected] or phone (03) 9268 6400.

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Mastering Management targets experienced Managers who want to improve their managerial competencies so they can be the best they can be.

When: February 15 – June 5, 2024
Where: VIC
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Mastering Management targets new and experienced Managers who want to improve their managerial competencies so they can be the best they can be.

When: June 17 – November 28, 2024
Where: VIC

Cancellation Policy. LGPro is a member, not for profit association and all money generated is used to develop quality professional development activities and services. Our events and programs are budgeted on a minimum number of attendees so providing us with sufficient notice regarding non-attendance is imperative to the success of all our events. Where a substitute delegate cannot be appointed, the following will apply for any cancellations:

  • 21 business days or more prior to commencement of program: Full refund or transfer to the next available program intake*
  • 7-20 business days prior: 50% refund or transfer to the next available program intake*
  • 1-6 business days prior: No refund or transfer available

A substitute delegate is encouraged to attend in place of a cancellation.
All cancellations and substitutes must be received in writing by LGPro.
* Transfers to the next available program intake are subject to any applicable fee increases.

LGPro's full Cancellation Policy.