The Executive Leadership Program is designed exclusively to equip and support senior executives in Local Government, particularly Chief Executive Officers and Directors, to expand and develop their skills and knowledge to assist them to become confident and capable leaders in the sector.

About the Program

The LGPro Executive Leadership Program (XLP) is designed exclusively to equip and support executives in Local Government, including Chief Executive Officers and Directors.

While the role of senior officers in Local Government can be challenging, it also can be highly rewarding for those who have the right mix of skills, experience, training and preparedness to lead in this uniquely diverse and dynamic environment.

Developed for and by senior executives, the LGPro XLP is unique in addressing the particular nature and challenges of leadership in Local Government. The program presents an invaluable opportunity for senior professionals to expand and develop skills and knowledge so that as leaders of the Local Government sector, they are confident and capable. 

For further information contact Leanne Bickley at [email protected] or phone (03) 9268 6401.

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Nominations for the 2022 program are open from 13 October - 18 November 2021.

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12 years of executive leadership


Within the space of two years, half of all local government CEOs had left the sector. LGPro believed Directors were leaving at a similar rate. This was 2008, when the seeds of what would grow into the Executive Leadership Program (XLP) were planted. 

This startling discovery led the organisation to undertake a comprehensive survey of 300 CEOs and Directors to:

- Quantify the demographic profile of current and potential CEOs
- Examine the career paths, options and plans of potential CEOs
- Explore CEO and potential CEO views on the skills, traits, knowledge and experience required to be a successful local government CEO
- Examine methods of ensuring potential CEOs have access to the necessary professional development to equip them to be successful local government CEOs.

This fed into the first XLP where LGPro sought to better prepare then-current and future local government leaders for their roles and reduce the professional churn.

The successful program continues to develop these leaders, but program too has not stopped developing. In 2021, program alumni and CEOs undertook an updated survey to identify the current priorities for senior leaders in the sector. Research like this alongside the Institute of Working Futures Human Capability Standards' recent work has fed into the program that will support the successful participants to lead a future ready workforce.

2022 is the 12th year of the XLP that has developed 264 successful graduates. Of these graduates: 
- 11 of the 19 LGPro Board members that have served since 2011 have been graduates of the XLP
- The XLP has delivered 13 new CEOs to the sector, all Directors when undertaking the program
- 19 CEOs are XLP alumni. 

The intensive 2022 program will prepare local government leaders for the challenges that will continue to confront Victorian communities in the years ahead, including health and economic crises.