Women's Professional Development Forum

About the forum

Our Women’s Professional Development Forum addresses the issues, opportunities and challenges faced by women working in Local Government. Women working at all levels are encouraged to attend for leadership development and personal growth.

The aim of our Women's forum is to highlight the issues facing women working in the sector, to develop leadership skills, enhance personal growth, and provide insights into how the sector can collectively go forward in addressing women’s issues in the workplace.

Want to help shape the 2020 Women's Professional Development Forum?

We want you to join us!

Each year a steering committee is established to help develop the program for the Women’s Forum. The committee is keen to have a mix of different nominees from across the sector.

There are up to three positions on the committee available to LGPro Members only. The steering committee will meet up to three times prior to the forum face to face or via phone conference. The first meeting will be on Monday 23 March at LGPro, Docklands.

This is a great professional development opportunity for someone to work with LGPro female Board members and female leaders in the sector. EOI close Wednesday 18 March 2020. Email to info@lgpro.com

Expression of Interest - Steering committee member

2019 forum highlights

In 2019 we celebrated our 10th Women’s Professional Development Forum with a new venue and a new format. The day was a huge success as our delegates participated in the following sessions;

•    Three short keynote presentations
•    A Networking Workshop
•    The chance to win a free one hour mentoring session with a female CEO
•    You CAN Ask That facilitated panel discussion where you can ask industry leaders everything you have always wanted to know
•    Brief mindfulness sessions at the start and end of the program
•    Increased number of Rural Women’s Scholarships for women working in small rural Councils. We also made seven scholarships available to women working in rural city councils to support them in attending the Women's Professional Development Forum.

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We are currently working on the program for the next Women's Professional Development Forum, stay tuned!