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Friday 2 July, 12 - 1pm
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Webinar Stream: New Democracy

This lunchtime learning opportunity will cover:
PBC Hogan, will present recent Local Government Leadership research, derived from the Hogan assessments of 1,800 Local Government Leaders, against the backdrop of the LGA 2020 reforms and informed by the world class Hogan suite of psychometric assessments.

The session will consider:
1. Understanding of the Hogan Local Government Leadership profile and how attendees relate to it as individuals in terms of personal strengths and areas to be aware of
2. Considering the Hogan Local Government Leadership profile and how it relates to their organisation’s leadership teams and where there are group strengths and development opportunities
3. Considering how to take leadership capability into account in relation to holistic workforce planning considering attraction, identification, retention and development strategies for the organisations leadership capital planning

Who should attend?
This is for anyone who's wanting to gain a deeper understanding of recent leadership study conducted in the Local Government sector and to gain insight on leadership within their organisation and themselves.

About the Presenters:
Alex Bond and Kalani Koswata Liyanage are the senior leadership team of PBC Hogan’s Melbourne office. Alex leads the Melbourne office and business in the Southern Region (VIC, TAS, SA, WA), while Kalani is the Principal Consultant and Psychologist in residence. Both Kalani and Alex specialise in working with leaders, teams and groups of professionals to raise capability and leadership impact and have delivered client programs across Australia and internationally. 

Friday 16 July, 12 - 1:30pm
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Premium Webinar: Registrants will gain pre-access to the Red Sky Online Learning Platform a few weeks prior the webinar to complete reading, activities and self-reflection
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Webinar Stream: Leadership Springboard

This lunchtime learning opportunity will cover:
Most people avoid conflict, but invariably it must be dealt with sooner or later. How can we reframe conflict and make these discussions just that little bit easier, more effective, and less damaging to us as people? In this program, we provide a practical approach to preparing for and conducting difficult conversations with a range of stakeholders, including your Direct Report, Manager, Peer, or Customer.

Topics Covered include:
  • What gets in your way of having the conversation?
  • Simple but vital mindset shifts 
  • Practical framework for future Difficult Conversations
  • How to get the Conversation started

Who should attend?
Anyone that wants to improve the way they manage difficult conversations.

About the Presenter:
Stewart is an efficiency and effectiveness fanatic and brings those values to everything he does. With a varied background in business and communication, Stewart works with companies and individuals to improve performance and effectiveness in the areas of leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, and influence.
Stewart is a Partner at Red Sky and has been with the company since 2007. When not on his feet delivering, he was previously to be found travelling in the far-flung regions of this wonderful planet. Recently, he has put most of those endeavours on hold and has been enjoying the thrills (and challenges) of parenting two daughters. 

Areas of Specialty include: Presentation Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Influencing without Authority, Personal and Team Effectiveness, Time Management, Consultative Selling

Qualifications: Global Executive MBA, Monash Business School, Bachelor of Science, Monash University

Accreditations: Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) - Hay Group, Social Style™ - Tracom, Belbin® Team Roles, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - CPP, Trimetrix – Triple Science Profile (including DISC, Motivators and Emotional Quotient) 

Friday 30 July, 12 - 1pm
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Webinar Stream: New Democracy

This lunchtime webinar learning opportunity will cover:
What have we learnt from the experience of COVID lockdowns that we can take into our future workplaces?  This session will present key themes from the research and commentary of the last few months and highlight some broad themes:
Impacts observed on individuals, teams, and leaders
Rethinking productivity, leadership, and wellbeing
Impacts in the community and potential roles for local government in engaging with and supporting the community
Thinking about the changes in physical, social and cultural, and digital environments that can be implemented

Who should attend?
This is a session for anyone to take time out to reflect on what we have learnt and how we might improve the future experience of work and connecting with each other.

About the Presenter: 
Heather has substantial industry experience in health, community services and local government.  She has held executive and senior management roles in both local government and health services and brings a comprehensive suite of competencies to her consultancy. 
Heather has been on both sides of the procurement table in different organisational settings.  She has written tender and EOI briefs, been an applicant and successful contractor, reviewed the performance of contracts and advised organisations on procurement processes.
Heather founded Your Future Options in 2016 as a management consultancy focused on strategic planning, service reviews, business improvement and implementing change in the health, local government, and community services sectors.  She works collaboratively with others to achieve community outcomes and sustainable, viable organisations.  She is a strategic thinker, known for her capability to understand and conceptualise information quickly and strategically.

Friday 13 August, 12 - 1pm
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Webinar Stream: Power Up

This lunchtime webinar learning opportunity will cover: (more details to come shortly)
With an increased use of emails, our inboxes can quickly lead to lower efficiencies, time loss and double-handling. 
Best practice with email management: How many times do you check your inbox throughout day and what are some controls that can go around that?
The 4 D's to help you be more efficient when handling emails, especially when multi-tasking
Making your Outlook inbox "smart"

Who should attend?
This is a session for anyone who wants to increase their productivity with some tips and tricks to help manage their inbox.

About the Presenter: 
Geoff is the director and principal trainer/coach with Lingford Consulting. As a productivity coach, he loves providing practical tools and strategies that help people and teams manage their email and workloads more effectively. He has worked extensively within local government in Victoria for more than 17 years. Prior to starting up his own business, Geoff managed a large regional Victoria-based manufacturing business that employed more than 200 people. Having always had an interest in productivity and technology, he began training and coaching people to be more productive from early in the era of desktop computing. This is what he continues to do to this day.

Friday 20 August, 12 - 1pm
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Non Members: $30
Webinar Stream: Leadership Springboard

This lunchtime webinar learning opportunity will cover:
The decisions and actions of leaders during the performance management process can have the potential to create legal risks for the organisation. It is imperative that your leaders understand the implications of taking, or not taking, certain actions when managing staff.
Good performance management staff isn’t just about minimizing the risk of employment issues and disputes arising; it is about supporting staff to meet the organisation’s expectations and to meaningfully contribute to their team. 
However, performance management can be challenging for everyone concerned – even more so in the current COVID-19 context, particularly with many teams adopting ‘hybrid’ working arrangements.

This webinar will provide an explanation of:

The difference between managing performance and performance management 
How to conduct performance management conversations 
The continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and considering wellbeing of staff in these processes  
The legal and non-legal risks that can arise during performance management

Who should attend?
This is a session for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of performance management.

About the Presenter: 

Georgie is a Partner with substantial experience in both litigious and non-litigious employment and workplace relations. She acts for a wide range of employers including those in the local government sector, on matters including discrimination, industrial relations, occupational health and safety and employee termination related issues. 
Appreciating the complexity of the law, Georgie strives to assist clients navigate the legal minefield of employment law, particularly when misconceptions and uncertainty about what can and cannot be done hinder the decision making process. Georgie works to understand clients’ commercial objectives, together with the workplace cultures they seek to foster, and advises on a strategy which achieves these objectives while managing legal risk. Georgie has a passion for supporting employers into the ‘best practice’ space, including by delivering training around matters such as workplace mental health and managing family and domestic violence in the workplace.

Friday 27 August, 12 - 1pm

Online: Zoom details emailed the day prior
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Webinar Stream: Tear Down the Walls

This lunchtime webinar learning opportunity will cover:
Hear more about the multiple award-winning program – Count Me In Too. A partnership approach between multiple organisations to encourage more women and girls to join community sports clubs. Hear from both Moreland City Council and community health about the approach, the model, the successes and the learnings and importantly, the ongoing outcomes for the community.  

You will leave with an understanding of the model used, a framework for success and practical strategies to apply in your LGA. 

Who should attend?
This is a session for anyone who wants to learn and hear from the Community Partnerships Initiative Awards for Excellence Winner . This webinar is also relevant for sport and recreation teams, health promotion teams, community engagement teams, social policy teams and diversity teams.

About the Presenters: 

Tamara Mason 
Growing up in Australia, Tamara never understood the kids at school who didn’t like sport because for her, it’s a way of life. Tamara knew she wanted to work in sport to ensure sport remains part of the Australia culture, especially for women and girls. 
Having worked for three national sporting organisations, Tamara’s experience in sport both professionally and personally has allowed her to see the barriers faced by sports with limited cash, limited exposure and sports with a lot of both, yet the quality of the experience for women and girls was the same – crap! 
Working at the community level as the only Female Sport Participation Officer in local government in Australia, Tamara directly impacts the sporting community in Moreland, a very diverse inner-city council, which discovered in 2009 that only 8% of the sports ground users were female. Deciding this needed to change, Council created the state’s first Active Women and Girls Strategy, closely followed by a Policy requiring clubs to field women and girls teams and have women on their committee or risk losing their facility allocation. Tamara’s role is to implement the policy, have the hard conversations to improve the experience for women and girls in the community. 

Nazish Khan 

Nazish is a passionate community engagement professional with over eight years’ experience working, studying and volunteering within the community services sector, and during this time has developed her expertise in community engagement, partnership development, and prevention of violence against women. 
Nazish is currently employed as a Community Engagement Officer at Merri Health and has worked on various social cohesion, gender equity and Community development projects. 
Nazish is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion and brings a social justice lens to all aspects of her work and life. For the past six years Nazish has worked closely with multicultural communities in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, and has developed a strong understanding of the access barriers faced by multicultural communities in terms of full social, economic and community participation.
Outside of work, Nazish is a mother to three children and enjoys trying out new sport and outdoor activities with her children and husband.

Upcoming Webinars

3 September - Leadership Wellbeing with Fisher Leadership
17 September - MASKED with The City of Knox Council - Awards for Excellence Winner
8 October - Why You Need a SCARF with Neil Middleton from Because
5 November - Put Her Name On It with Kerry Wilson

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Webinar Streams

  • The Risky Suite - how prepared are you for disruption, analysing services and building relationships with every segment in your community.
  • New Democracy - unpacking community engagement, accountability and transparency.
  • Tear Down The Walls - reduce barriers to collaborative council practice and external stakeholders and sectors.
  • Leadership Springboard - fine tune and propel your skills when managing up, down and from the center.
  • Without Borders - peer over the municipality fence and dive into what other LGA's are doing around the globe.
  • Trailblazer - challenge the norm, stretch your innovative mindset and be prepared for future workforce and community expectations.
  • Power Up - build and master your essentials toolbox, increasing your productivity and work quality.