Making Community Hubs Happen: Integrated Thinking & Leveraging Council Land
with Scott Walker & Kath Brackett

About this webinar:
Maximise community-centric redevelopment opportunities on Council land.

Learn how to implement new community hubs that are an integrated part of the location and the wider community.

Gain an understanding of where to start when planning for new community hubs, the process, and the benefits for your community with insight into innovative ways of leveraging council-owned land with practical examples.

This session outlines the thinking and planning required to realise this while meeting the operational needs of your council.

Recommended for: Strategic, community, corporate, and financial planners, as well as project, construction, and property managers. 

Presented by:
Scott Walker – Director Urban Living, City of Boroondara
Scott is an urban planner who has 30 years’ experience in planning, development, and leadership roles across numerous municipalities. In this time, he has developed a clear understanding of how to make new community facilities happen by analysing the community issues involved and leveraging council land through innovative, industry-leading projects.

Kath Brackett – Director Community Wellbeing, Banyule City Council
Kath brings over 25 years’ experience to improving health, education employment, and social impact outcomes for the communities she serves and is skilled in developing partnerships between multiple stakeholders for the benefit of these communities. The GAICD qualified professional and LGPro XLP graduate has served as Director Community Wellbeing across multiple councils.



Feedback Fitness for Leaders in Local Government
with Sue Anderson

About this webinar:
Worried your direct reports can’t take criticism? Try this framework.

It’s common to worry about damaging a relationship when giving feedback as a manager. Worse yet, you might fear a complaint being made against you.

Learn three strategies you can immediately implement to prepare your teams for receiving feedback (and the one thing leaders consistently fail to do). 

Learn how to adopt the ‘Feedback Fitness Framework’ that provides leaders with increased confidence so they can offer more useful, effective feedback – even to “feedback rejectors.”

Recommended for: Leaders across council, from senior executives to managers, team leaders, and coordinators. 

Presented by: Sue Anderson 
Sue Anderson is a highly sought-after resilience and empowerment expert, leading teams and working with leaders for over 15 years. The author, mediator, speaker, trainer, and a professional coach has worked with nearly 30 Victorian local governments, helping their leaders, organisations, and teams to be more empowered through their beliefs, choices, and esteem. 



Pre-Election: Legally Managing Councillor Conduct
with Kate Oliver

About this webinar:
What happens if a Councillor nominates as a candidate in the upcoming State Government election? Ahead of nominations opening on 2 November, find out how your council can prepare.

Misconduct risks around council information access and use for Councillors as candidates is a legal grey area and one you need to be across.

This important session’s legal advice on Councillor conduct extends to managing appropriate (or inappropriate) Councillor leave of absence use and clarification on the officer’s role in Council Conduct Panels.

Know your role, responsibilities, and limitations under the Local Government Act 2020 with expert advice.

Recommended for: Senior executives and governance professionals. 

Presented by: Kate Oliver – Partner, Maddocks
Kate has developed a specialised practice in the area of governance for local government. She has extensive experience providing strategic advice to Victorian councils on the entire range of governance and regulatory matters and represents clients in proceedings before VCAT and the Victorian Supreme Court.

She specialises in administrative law, governance and enforcement and provides regular advice to Victorian council clients relating to their statutory powers, functions and duties and the operation of legislation affecting their activities.




Public Lighting: An Equity Issue
with Katie Said & Josephine Eady

About this webinar:
There is a critical need for appropriate lighting in public spaces (and its requisite funding), with a focus on areas for informal use that are not covered by streetlight. 

The Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria recognise that lighting is “critical to creating a public realm that is safe and inviting for users.” And it’s more than an amenity: public lighting is an equity issue.

Find out the direct benefits of appropriate public lighting for women and girls, gender-diverse people, older people, people with disability, people with impaired vision, and people who can’t drive. 

Hear what evidence is available to support installing new public lighting to improve safety and justify its funding.

Recommended for: Council officers working in parks and recreation, capital works (including traffic and transport), and public safety and wellbeing.

Presented by: Katie Said - Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Leadsun Australia
Graduating from university with a degree in marketing and design, I began my marcoms career with Leadsun earlier this year. What intrigued me the most about Leadsun, and what I am now proud to be a part of, is their attitude and commitment in making positive changes towards a sustainable, safe & smart future, both internally and externally. My knowledge of how design can influence behaviours, emotions, and attitudes, coupled with my passion for gender equity, lends itself to this topic of public lighting for inclusion and accessibility.

Josephine Eady - Senior Advisor, Victoria Walks
Josephine has worked in transport planning and policy for 15 years with direct experience in Local Government. She specialises in pedestrian research and planning, public transport design and operation, road space allocation, and designing for people with disability. 



Proactive Job Interview Strategies to Sell Yourself & Win That Job
with Emma Maslen

About this webinar:
Learn how to really respond to the “tell us about yourself” part of every job interview you’ve ever had.

Most people approach job interviews with a reactive mindset and fail to prepare appropriately, leading to needless stress and a lack of confidence. 

This interactive and practical session will teach you the techniques behind proactively preparing for your next job interview so that you’re ready to sell your skills and achievements.

Whether you’re after a promotion, a lateral move, or your next step in a new council, this webinar will give you the confidence to impress your next job interview panel.

Recommended for: Council staff at all levels.

Presented by: Emma Maslen – Rescue My Resume 
Emma Maslen is a job application and resume coach specialising in government, university, and not-for-profit job applications. She runs Rescue my Resume where she helps professional women create confidence boosting resumes that win jobs. 

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