Classic Level: Alumni Member

Keep in touch

This category is ideal for people who used to work in Victorian Councils and want to keep in touch with past colleagues and up to date with local government issues. Alumni members get free access 24 webinars in the  Webinar Series for a year. If Alumni members miss a webinar, no worries! - they can access the watch back in their own time. The Webinar Series features experts in the sector and industry and is designed you on top of your game and abreast of issues on the horizon. Alumni members also get exclusive access to all member networking events and have free access to the LGPro meeting and training rooms.

This is a great way to keep in touch with local government community.

Alumni membership benefits are limited. Alumni members only have access to networking events and the Webinar Series. Alumni members cannot access the LGPro Member Resource Library, member rates at other LGPro activities with the exception of the Women's Networking Dinner and Awards for Excellence Dinner and do not have voting rights at the LGPro AGM and for the LGPro Board and are not eligible to nominate for the LGPro Board.

$250 GST incl.


  • Free access to 24 webinars
  • Free access to the webinar watch backs in case you miss one
  • Free access to the LGPro workspace, meeting room, training room and office facilites
  • Free access to exclusive member networking opportunities
  • Profile magazine
  • Access to member rates at the LGPro Women's Networking Dinner
  • Access to member rates at the LGPro Awards for Excellence Dinner (held at the Annual Conference)

Webinar Streams

  • The Risky Suite - how prepared are you for disruption, analysing services and building relationships with every segment in your community.
  • New Democracy - unpacking community engagement, accountability and transparency.
  • Tear Down The Walls - reduce barriers to collaborative council practice and external stakeholders and sectors.
  • Leadership Springboard - fine tune and propel your skills when managing up, down and from the center.
  • Without Borders - peer over the municipality fence and dive into what other LGA's are doing around the globe.
  • Trailblazer - challenge the norm, stretch your innovative mindset and be prepared for future workforce and community expectations.
  • Power Up - build and master your essentials toolbox, increasing your productivity and work quality.