We offer Corporate Partnership to businesses and organisations with an interest in developing a profile in Local Government and supporting the important work that councils do.  Our Corporate Partners receive direct exposure to Councils and access to key decision makers in the sector. We actively promote our Corporate Partners to an extensive network of people working in the sector.

Corporate Partnership offers...

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: corporate packages are tailored to meet the objectives of the corporate partner, aimed at building mutually beneficial relationships and return on investment.

NETWORK: opportunities to attend a range of annual LGPro events and initiatives which provide an opportunity to connect with the sector and acquire knowledge of sector trends and challenges.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION: Regular advice from LGPro, via communications and publications, including updates on industry/sector developments.

VISIBILITY: Opportunity for Corporate Partners to play a leadership role in the sector, highlighting experience and expertise through content delivery, case studies and participation.

RECOGNITION: increased brand reputation through a significant amount of free advertising via LGPro’s website, marketing, social media, and advertisements

Key Benefits

  • Tickets to our annual Corporate Partner Networking Event held in October where you will spend one-on-one time talking to senior executives from the sector
  • Attendance at a specialised Introduction to Local Government for Corporate Partners session to help you understand how best to work with Councils
  • A significant amount of free advertising on our website and in our digital publications
  • Attendance at the annual Meet the LGPro Board Event

The full list of benefits can be found in our Benefits of LGPro Corporate Partnership document.

LGPro Principal Sponsor

Levels of Corporate Partnership

We offer the following categories of Corporate Partnership in 2021/22:

Corporate Partnership:  $2,075 inclusive of GST

Small Business Corporate Partnership*:  $971 inclusive of GST 

Government Entities:  $2,400 inclusive of GST   

(*Organisations must have five or less employees with a maximum turnover of $2million to be eligible to take up Small Business Corporate Partnership.)

We understand that organisations have different strategic goals so we assist our Corporate Partners to tailor their approach to get the most out of their partnership. We are also happy to develop special packages offering significant discounts to our Corporate Partners who want to spread their investment over more than one area.

The most successful Corporate Partners are those who adopt a long term strategic approach to building lasting relationships in the sector.