Corporate Partner Expressions of Interest: WebinarHQ Series

LGPro's WebinarHQ Series is designed to bring expertise to the Victorian Local Government sector on a regular basis. The series aims to bring tangible takeaways in response to current sector challenges. This initiative is open to LGPro Corporate Partners only.

Engaging with LGPro through the WebinarHQ series gives presenters access to decision makers across Victorian Local Government through a platform that builds trust and confidence and establishes brands and speakers as partners to the sector.

Presenters are provided with copies of any live polling results, surveyed audience feedback, live chat transcripts, webinar recordings and registration statistics (contact details are not provided). Beyond the session itself, presenters are exposed to LGPro’s vast mailing and social media audiences and on its website. Please note, this opportunity is unpaid.

Webinars run on a Thursday or Friday between 12-1pm AEST. All webinars are recorded live and made available on-demand to LGPro members via their member portals, separately sent to all non-member registrants.

A reminder that the WebinarHQ Series is not a platform to sell a product or service. Any advice given during a session should be practicable without the need for a presenter’s product or service. Audiences expect practical advice, engaging anecdotes and real-world examples.

Express your interest

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