Positive Ageing & Wellbeing Awards


Nominations for the Positive Ageing & Wellbeing Awards are currently open and the closing date has been extended to Monday 14 August due to the seminar now being held in March 2024 (date TBA). Formerly known as the Active Ageing & Wellbeing Awards, LGPro’s Positive Ageing & Wellbeing Awards have been rebadged to reflect Local Government’s refocus from service delivery to capacity building in promoting health and wellbeing as they strive for an age-friendly society. 

Download Preparing Your Nominations guidelines

These awards will be open to individuals and teams working in Victorian Local Government that have made significant contributions to positive ageing and wellbeing. Councils are encouraged to nominate in one of the following two categories:

• Outstanding Program or Project – Grant-based (externally funded)
• Outstanding Program or Project – Non-grant (Council funded)

The grant-based category is open to initiatives that are externally funded while the non-grant-based category is open to initiatives that are resourced from a local government’s budget. The awards are not restricted to those working in aged and disability services but rather are open to anyone working towards improved health and wellbeing outcomes for people as they age. 

All nominations must be for initiatives developed and implemented for an ageing population. This can include those for people with a disability or intergenerational initiatives that demonstrate a positive outcome for people as they age. They can also be those that have brought about a significant service improvement by using an innovative approach that has helped people in these groups to positively age and maintain their wellbeing.  Nominated initiatives should demonstrate enhanced mental health and wellbeing, improved social connection, or increased physical activity for people as they age. 

Initiatives nominated should be already implemented with defined outcomes. Defined outcomes are favoured by the judges and projects without measurable outcomes generally do not score well. If your project does not have defined outcomes, it may be too soon to nominate. In this instance, consider nomination in the following year’s Awards program. 

We understand that some local governments were not able to implement new programs or projects due to the pandemic. As such, the scope of initiatives eligible for nomination includes pre-existing initiatives that have been adapted in response to and in recovery from COVID-19.

Please familiarise yourself with general award nomination and judging information via this webpage


Who do I contact for further information?
Please contact us on (03) 9268 6400 or email [email protected]