Corporate Planners Network Awards

This year we are inviting nominations to the annual Corporate and Community Planning Award and the Best Practice and Innovation in Council Plan Development Award that is offered every four years. 

These awards celebrate the success of individuals and teams working in the Local Government Corporate and Community Planning sector in Victoria.

About the awards

 The Corporate and Community Planning Award focuses on initiatives that demonstrate excellence and which have been implemented by Local Government in the areas of:
• Council planning
• Community planning
• Integrating Council and community planning
• Performance measurement and management
• Service planning, delivery or enhancement
• Sustainable community involvement in Council and community planning
• Planning for environmental sustainability
• Planning for business transformation

The Best Practice and Innovation in Council Plan Development Award is aligned with the legislative period for developing a Council Plan. The purpose of this award is to foster
continuous improvement in project planning, stimulate innovation and to acknowledge best practice development of Council Plans.

The closing date for these awards has been extended to 5pm, Monday 11 October.

Please read the Invitation to Nominate before commencing your nomination.

  Invitation to Nominate