Our Staff

A message from the team

To ensure that the health of our team and the wider community is upheld through these unprecedented times, from Monday 30 March all LGPro staff will be working from home. We are available to take your calls and provide you with support, continue with our offerings in a different way and bring you some great new initiatives. 

Please see below our direct contact details or you can email info@lgpro.com for general queries. Our phones have been diverted so you can call a team member on their direct line.

We recognise and appreciate the critical role you play in your organisation and your communities. We hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and we look forward to being able to work with you online and in new ways.

LGPro Team


Jo-anne Chapman is the first female to lead the organisation.

With strong senior executive experience across all four sectors (government, commercial, not-for-profit, and peak body) Jo-anne brings expertise in policy and regulatory leadership, advocacy, external relations and contract management.

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Leanne Bickley

Manager Professional Development

Leanne is responsible for strategically planning LGPro’s professional development. She manages our  Executive Leadership Program (XLP) and Emerging Leaders Program (ELP). She works Monday to Thursday. Her direct line is 9268 6401. leanneb@lgpro.com

Vicki Amiguet

Manager Corporate Partnership & Sponsorship

Vicki is responsible for our publications, sponsorship and Corporate Partners. She works on Monday, Tuesday morning and Thursday. Her direct line is 9268 6410 and her mobile is 0433 157 057. Vickia@lgpro.com

Jodie Zomer

Events & Administration

Jodie works across events,  communications and administration Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Her direct line is 9268 6400. jodiez@lgpro.com

Michelle Cox

Manager Membership Development 

Michelle is responsible for Council and Individual membership and also oversees our 30 plus Special Interest Groups. She works Monday to Friday. Her direct line is 9268 6403. Michellec@lgpro.com

Suzana O'Callaghan

Coordinator Professional Development

Suzana is responsible for LGPro programs including Ignite, Mentoring and Mastering Management. She works Monday to Friday. Her direct line is 9268 6408. suzanao@lgpro.com

Diana Pawluk

Manager Events

Diana organises LGPro activities, events, specialist conferences and seminars. She works four days a week and is not in the office on Wednesday. Her direct line is 9268 6404. dianap@lgpro.com

Sibylle Kuhlmann
Accounts and Administration

Sibylle is responsible for all accounts and provides administrative support. She works Monday, Thursday and Friday. Her direct line is 9268 6402. sibyllek@lgpro.com