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There is much we can do to assist our communities be more resilient to the challenges of the 21st century. Individuals, communities, businesses and institutions can work together to adapt, survive and thrive: by reducing our exposure to future shocks/stresses; withstanding disruptions to bounce back better than before; and improving our liveability.

Urban resilience can be as specific as improving the resilience of a specific infrastructure asset, or an entire energy system i.e. a basketball court as a multi-use community asset with public seating and natural shade, that can also serve as a retention basin in the face of flooding.

So if you have an interest in urban resilience, or you deliver community planning and see the importance of fostering strong and inclusive communities who are well positioned to support each other through good times and bad. Or maybe you are responsible for emergency management and interested in how more effort into preparation can lead to more effective emergency response and recovery. Maybe you develop strategic documents such as Council Plans and Health & Wellbeing Plans, or are you working on precinct planning and want to learn more about how to use designed to foster community resilience in an uncertain future. Then the Resilience SIG is for you.

 Online Community

SIG is supported by an online community. We believe that accessing knowledge from individuals who work in a similar environment is invaluable and should never be underestimated. Our communities are only for people working in Local Government and there are many benefits to participating in them. They are a great way to keep in touch in between meetings, by asking your fellow SIG colleagues questions and sharing resources. You can also see who else is involved in the SIG and get in touch with them quickly.  Agendas, minutes, presentations and other SIG resources will also be posted on the online community.

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Local Government officers involved in:

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Deputy Chief Resilience Officer
Melbourne City Council