Ignite for Outdoor Workers

Ignite for Outdoor Workers is based on our successful Ignite program but has been tailored specifically for people working in outdoor roles.

Like Ignite, the program targets those who are new or have limited experienced in a supervisory role, have no previous formal leadership training and want to extend and update their leadership skills or are interested in moving into a supervisory role in the future.

About the program

This program is a leadership learning pathway for Supervisors, Team Leaders and Coordinators working in outdoor workers roles in Local Government.

The program content and case studies have been adapted so they are relevant to the duties outdoor workers perform. 

It is held over four, full day sessions and includes examples that participants can take back and use in their workplace setting.

About the Facilitator

     Lindy Amos
     Principal Facilitator
     Collective Responsibilities

Expert mentor and consultant Lindy Amos is the lead facilitator for our Ignite for Outdoor Workers program. Lindy has 20 years of experience in building organisational culture and capacity within both Local Government and the private sector. She has recently finished writing her PHD in Therapeutic Arts Practice, focusing on how organisations can be led through compassion and courage. 

Participant Testimonial

     Vanessa King
     Parks Supervisor
     Monash City Council

"Even though I have been a supervisor for over 3 years, I am always looking of ways to improve and learn how to be a better leader. When I heard there was program designed especially for Outdoor works I was interested to see what areas I could improve upon."
"It’s been good meeting people from other councils and seeing that they are dealing with similar experiences and learning from each other."

Upcoming programs

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Program dates for 2019 will be released in late November

2018 dates

Series 1 
Day 1 - Tuesday 20 March 
Day 2 - Tuesday 24 April 
Day 3 - Tuesday 22 May 
Day 4 - Wednesday 20 June

Series 2 
Day 1 - Tuesday 7 August 
Day 2 - Tuesday 11 September 
Day 3 - Tuesday 9 October
Day 4 - Tuesday 20 November

Regional - Loddon 
Day 1 - Tuesday 4 September 
Day 2 - Thursday 27 September 
Day 3 - Tuesday 23 October 
Day 4 - Thursday 22 November 

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 Lindy Amos PHD Abstract

 Lindy Amos PHD Book 1

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 Lindy Amos PHD Book 3

For further information contact Suzana O'Callaghan at suzanao@lgpro.com or phone (03) 9268 6408