The LGPro Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) provides a year of unique leadership-focused activities and experiences designed to develop and inspire emerging leaders who work in Local Government in Victoria.

The program is based on an experiential learning model that builds on existing foundations and provides extensive interaction among participants. Key elements include:
Exposure to a broad range of experiences and observations
Local Government case studies and relevant material that can be readily applied to daily leadership and management practices in a local government setting
An active role for participants in the management and implementation of the program
A ‘learning by doing’ approach


The objectives of the program are to:
Develop individual leadership capabilities and professional attributes as they lead at various levels in their respective Councils
Provide an opportunity for participants to forge new relationships with others from different professions in local government
Build stronger links and a deeper understanding between areas of expertise
Increase appreciation of the wider and emerging issues in local government 
Investigate and utilise sector resources to provide practical experiences of leadership 
Retain emerging leaders within the local government sector


Successful candidates can expect an intense, enriching year of seminars, visits, tours, discussions, interactive activities, and debate. They will gain access to a cross section of leaders from within and outside the sector who will share their knowledge, expertise, insights, and opinions.

Participants will explore their own values, beliefs, philosophies and prejudices through reflection and candid discussion and will learn from interaction with peers from professions and backgrounds different from their own.


Successful candidates will be expected to:
Attend all training sessions and arrive on time
Be present and respectful to guest speakers by avoiding use of their laptops and phones during presentations, including cameos
Apply leadership learnings as they work on challenges and opportunities that arise within the complex environment of local government and the communities they serve
Always adhere to appropriate standards of conduct and rules of engagement.


The LGPro Emerging Leaders Program is open to current leaders, who are seeking to take their career to the next level. 

Applicants are required to have two years’ experience in local government. There are no restrictions on age, position, or level within Councils for selection to the program. 

The selected 24 ‘emerging leaders’ will be from regional and metropolitan Councils across Victoria and will represent a mix of professions, locations, age groups and gender.

LGPro membership is a pre-condition of eligibility for participants in this program. If you are not an individual member of LGPro and your application for the ELP is accepted, you will be required to join before the commencement date of the program. For further information regarding membership, please contact the LGPro office on (03) 9268 6400 or visit


In addition to the scheduled requirements of the program, participants will set their agenda and decide their time commitments for meeting and working on the Course Project. 

These time commitments do not include incidental requirements such as mentor meetings or travel considerations which will vary for every participant. We ask that Councils, and direct Managers, support the overall time commitment of the program.



The 2021 ELP will open with a Welcome Session which is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to meet each other and to gain an understanding of the program. The two-hour session is on the afternoon of the 2021 LGPro Annual Conference Dinner which the participants are invited to attend. Dates and location to be confirmed.

MARCH 2021

The program will formally commence with a two-day residential Introductory Forum which will focus on self-awareness and development. The forum will include both individual and group activities exploring the following topics:
Contemporary leadership styles
Understanding your leadership qualities and working with others  
Working with others
Managing your own development
Future directions
Action planning, goal setting and motivation
The desired outcomes are:
Challenge and inspire new thinking and practices
Explore your entrepreneurial mindset 
Enhance knowledge and skills in goal setting and motivation
Provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and approaches to leadership and management

31 DECEMBER 2021

A large component of the ELP requires participants to complete a group project on a specified, pre-determined topic.
The Project Report must be submitted to your program administrator by no later than 31 December 2021. The program will conclude with a presentation of the Project Report and deliverable at the 2022 LGPro Annual Conference workshop. Date and location to be confirmed.

APRIL 2021 – DECEMBER 2021

Early in the program participants will be asked to nominate a mentor at senior management level to support their personal and professional growth by sharing their knowledge and insights for the duration of the program. As well as the mentoring arrangements negotiated between the mentor and participant, mentors may also be invited to join participants at certain intervals during the program. Nominees do not need to make any preliminary arrangements to secure a mentor. Further information will be provided to successful candidates during the program Welcome Session.

MARCH 2021 – NOVEMBER 2021

In addition to the Welcome Session, the ELP comprises of an Introductory Forum and further participative sessions through to November 2021. Some sessions will be hosted by metropolitan, peri-urban and rural Councils throughout Victoria.