Online Learning

We offer a comprehensive suite of online training courses designed specifically for people working in Local Government. 

The courses have been developed with a high level of input from Council officers to ensure they are relevant to the sector. They are delivered in partnership with Global Vision Media. 

Current courses

Our online Courses use language and scenarios that reflect the experience of people working in Local Government and have been checked by HR Legal to ensure the commentary and references to legislation are accurate and up to date. 

  • Compliance modules – Occupational Health and Safety; Information Privacy; Equal Employment Opportunity; Workplace Bullying and Harassment; Fraud and Corruption Awareness and Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities
  • Child Safe Standards – training to help full and part time Council staff and volunteers and contractors to understand their responsibilities and obligations under Child Safe Standards legislation
  • Council Induction – to introduce new members of the organisation to the Council’s unique values, systems, community, and more using our template and the Council specific content

Why choose our online courses?

  • The training can be done on-site saving Council staff the time and costs of travelling
  • Courses can be undertaken at any time, no need to wait until there are sufficient numbers to run a course
  • They are designed for and by people working in Councils using terminology, case studies, and scenarios tailored to Local Government
  • The course text and images can be changed to meet individual Council’s requirements
  • Free content updates can be made twice a year
  • We will add policy documents or other online resource links to the program for free
  • Updates are made automatically to ensure our courses always meet legislative requirements
  • Programs are fully compatible with tablets and phones so can be accessed by outdoor and contracted workers
Below is a sneak peek of the content in our Compliance and Child Safe Standards courses. Councils are able to access a free two-week trial of both courses.

New courses coming in 2018

  • Best Practice Enforcement – addressing the need for a whole of Council approach including responsibilities of the Executive Team, HR & OHS and specific practical training for officers with enforcement responsibilities
  • Volunteer Induction – to enable volunteers to better fulfill their roles, know what support is available to them and understand the role of Local Government and the important part they play in it

Customised online learning

We can also develop customised online training modules to meet the needs of individual Councils and we have a shared services model which is available to rural/regional Councils in Victoria.

More information


For further information contact Suzana O'Callaghan at or phone (03) 9268 6408