The Executive Leadership Program is designed exclusively to equip and support senior executives in Local Government, particularly Chief Executive Officers and Directors, to expand and develop their skills and knowledge to assist them to become confident and capable leaders in the sector.

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About the program

The program content has been developed for and by senior executives to ensure it addresses the particular nature and challenges of leadership in Local Government. It was informed by the results of an LGPro CEO Development Survey undertaken by an independent research organisation to examine the behaviours and attitudes of current and former Local Government CEOs and potential CEOs and to determine the skills, traits, knowledge and experience required to be a successful Local Government executive.


The seeds of this program were planted in late 2008 when we established that 50% of all CEOs in Local Government had left the sector in the preceding 2 years.  We believed that Directors were leaving the sector at a similar rate.  As a result of this we undertook research based on a comprehensive survey of 300 CEOs and Directors to:

- Quantify the demographic profile of current and potential CEOs
- Examine the career paths, options and plans of potential CEOs
- Explore CEO and potential CEO views on the skills, traits, knowledge and experience required to be a successful local government CEO
- Examine methods of ensuring potential CEOs have access to the necessary professional development to equip them to be successful local government CEOs

2021 is the 11th year of the XLP and to date, 240 people have graduated from the program. 
- Of the 18 LGPro Board members that have served since 2011, 9 of them have been graduates of the XLP.
- The XLP has already delivered 11 new CEOs to the sector, all were Directors when they undertook the program. 
- There are 17 CEOs as part of the program alumni. 

The 2021 program will involve intensive learning and tools to prepare local government leaders for the specific risky challenges that will confront all Victorian communities in 2021 and getting through and out the other side of the most difficult issues for communities facing health and economic crises.