2018 Emerging Leaders Project

The 2018 LGPro Emerging Leaders produced a video and marketing plan to aid local government to attract the best workforce for the sector. The video and marketing plan were developed as a result of research undertaken by the group to understand how the private sector undertakes recruitment, in comparison to the local government sector.

This Background Report provides a summary of the research undertaken to understand recruitment in the local government and private sectors, and provides the rationale for why the video and marketing plan have been prepared, and why these have been aimed at a youth audience.

The 2018 LGPro Emerging Leaders project topic ‘What can local government learn from the private sector’ was refined by the group to concentrate on what local government can learn from the private sector with regard to recruitment and retention.

This topic was arrived at based on a group perception that the private sector is further advanced than local government in both attracting high calibre applicants and retaining high performing staff.