Caretaker Period Workshop

Council elections will be conducted in Victoria in October 2020. Prior to these elections, Councils will need to implement ‘Election Period’ (or Caretaker) policies and procedures.

Our Caretaker Period Workshop is designed to assist Councils to understand how they can operate effectively during this period.

All staff involved in the election process will learn about their obligations during the Caretaker Period including what restrictions apply to digital content, advertising and social media, and also about the standards they should follow to ensure their Council’s reputation is enhanced in the lead up to the election.

Participants will also have an opportunity to meet with other officers involved in Council elections and to share and discuss similar policies, procedures and ideas.

The three hour workshop will be offered at various locations across Victoria starting in February 2020, with dates being released soon.

It is designed for CEO’s, Directors, Governance Managers, Communications and Media specialists and any Council staff associated with Council elections.

Dates and locations to be announced soon