2019 Emerging Leaders Project

The 2019 LGPro Emerging Leaders group was tasked with answering the question “What is the role of Local Government in environmental/climate sustainability?”

To answer this question, the group called on Local Government experts, Sustainability Victoria and young community leaders to share their expertise and opinions in a podcast.

Emerging Sustainably, is a series of three podcasts featuring conversations with Mayors, CEOs, Council sustainability staff, State Government and young people who debate and discuss the role of Local Government in environmental sustainability and what the future holds for the sector.

A report has also been developed which details the group’s research findings including what each level of government is responsible for, what is currently occurring in the sustainability space and what the gaps are.

The report can be downloaded from the link below;


Emerging Sustainably Podcast Series

These podcasts document the learnings from the 2019 Emerging Leaders Program exploration of the role of Local Government in environmental and climate sustainability in the workplace.
Click each link below to listen to the Podcast from the Whooshkaa platform:
Episode one - Procrastination isn’t an option:
In this episode, 2019 ELP participants talk with Zaituna and Kalina from the Victorian Student Representative Council, alongside Darebin City Council Mayor, Susan Rennie and former Mayor and current Councillor Tony Stevenson of Yarra Ranges Council.
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Episode two - Taking meaningful action:
In this episode 2019 ELP participants talk with Zaituna and Alyssa from the Victorian Student Representative Council and completing the panel are Guy Pritchard, Climate Change Manager at Sustainability Victoria; Brad Kijlstra-Shone, Sustainability Officer at South Gippsland Shire Council, and Jess Baillie, Coordinator Facilities at Yarra Ranges Council.
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Episode three - Engaging the community:
In the final episode, 2019 ELP participants are joined by Victorian Student Representative Council members, Mia and Olivia, as well as former Local Government CEO Chris Eddie to discuss the future of Local Government in relation to sustainability.
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Entire series:
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The series can also be found on the following platforms:

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We would like to acknowledge and thank the guests that generously gave up their time to produce this series:
Mia, Olivia, Zaituna, Kalina, Alyssa, Chris Eddie, Cr Susan Rennie (Mayor), Cr Tony Stephenson (former Mayor). Guy Pritchard, Brad Kijlstra-Shone.
We would also like to thank our Podcast facilitators from the ELP group, Christian Thomas and Jess Baillie, for their great work in hosting the sessions.