About our Keynote Speakers

Rachael Robertson
Antarctic Expedition Leader, International Keynote Speaker and Author

Wednesday 22 July 
12pm - 1pm

Leading Beyond
The future of teamwork and why respect trumps harmony

Imagine living in months of darkness, the temperature hovers around minus 35 degrees and you’re stuck inside with your colleagues.  There’s no way in, and no way out, and you’re there for a year.

Antarctic Expedition Leader, Rachael Robertson, will reveal how she kept her team inspired and productive through Antarctica’s long, dark winter. She explains why respect trumps harmony and how she built a culture of integrity and trust with a very diverse group of complete strangers. She was only the second woman to lead a team at Davis Station, and one of the youngest ever station leaders.

In this session Rachael will provide the tools to:
- build respect and teamwork through open communication and No Triangles
- stop the ‘answer shopping’ that happens in many teams
- understand and deal directly with those little things that can be symptoms of deeper cultural issues…dirty coffee mugs?
- lead through tough times and turn moments into momentum
- look after yourself first
- lead yourself, your family, and your teams into the new normal
Using real life examples, Rachael shares her insights from a year on the ice - where she managed everything from a search-and-rescue following a plane crash, to resolving a peaceful settlement to the Bacon War. 

The Hon. Anna Bligh AC
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Banking Association

Thursday 23 July
12pm- 1pm

Why Leadership counts

Since early 2017, Anna Bligh has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Banking Association. Her priorities include delivering on the recommendations of the Royal Commission, strengthening the culture in banking, rebuilding trust in the sector and delivering the right outcomes for customers.

Prior to her role in banking, she had a long and distinguished career in politics, including holding the position of Premier of Queensland for almost five years. 

Kristen Hilton
Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner

Friday 24 July
12pm - 1pm

Ready Reset Go!

Kristen Hilton was appointed to the role of Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission in 2016. As Commissioner, Kristen’s role is to promote and protect human rights and equality across the state and lead the Commission’s work in creating a rights respecting culture within organisations, governments and communities. Kristen has specific responsibilities under the Equal Opportunity Act (Vic), the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (Vic) and the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities (Vic). 

Prior to her appointment, Kristen worked in corporate law as an industrial relations lawyer before pursuing a career in social justice and human rights. Kristen was the CEO of the Public Interest Law Clearing House (now Justice Connect) before joining the executive team at Victoria Legal Aid where she held roles as the Executive Director of Civil Justice and the Executive Director of Legal Practice. 

Kristen is a Churchill Fellow and during her fellowship spent time in Geneva, South Africa and the USA investigating the right to adequate housing. Kristen has received numerous awards including the Law Institute Community Lawyer of the Year and the inaugural NAB Access to Justice Award. Kristen is the Chair of the Expert Panel in the Victoria Police review into sexual harassment and predatory behaviour and currently chairs the Male Champions of Change group for Fire and Emergency Services.