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Our Women’s Professional Development Forum addresses the issues, opportunities and challenges faced by women working in Local Government. Women working at all levels are encouraged to attend for leadership development and personal growth.

The aim of the forum is to highlight the issues facing women working in the sector, to develop leadership skills, enhance personal growth, and provide insights into how the sector can collectively go forward in addressing women’s issues in the workplace.

Plenary Workshop Confident Communication

Carol Fox, Carol Fox & Co

How do we learn to not take on other people’s ‘stuff’? How can our words influence people into action (or not!)? Is email communication always as they seem? Communication expert Carol Fox will share her three favourite confident communication techniques will help us to understand the power of words in this interactive workshop.
For nearly three decades, Carol has worked with thousands of people in her roles as an Executive Coach, University Lecturer, Conference Speaker and Facilitator in the Personal & Professional Development Industry collaborating with all levels of Sport, Government, Not for Profit and Corporate Clients teaching concepts from her book – “Confident Communication for Leaders”. 

Since 2015 Carol has been President of Women Sport Australia the peak advocacy body for women in sport to have equality for wages, leadership positions, media time and access to sporting facilities.

Carol has a rich sporting background including national level representation. She has succeeded in three sports, numerous coaching roles as well as board and committee positons. Carol’s career includes roles as sports executive officer and a university lecturer with VU in the Human Movement and Sport Administration Degrees.

A pioneer for women in sport, Carol was Victoria’s first female Surf Lifesaving Professional Lifeguard and raced in board, ski, swim and ironman events with the men because there were no events for women at that stage.

Her master’s thesis: “Women’s Perceived Barriers to Elite Coaching Positions in Australian Sport” positively influenced the Australian Sports Commission in the 1990’s when determining policies for women in sport.

Her latest achievement is being named as a featured Baton Bearer for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay. 

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We are currently working on the program for the next Women's Professional Development Forum, stay tuned!