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Our Women’s Professional Development Forum addresses the issues, opportunities and challenges faced by women working in Local Government. Women working at all levels are encouraged to attend for leadership development and personal growth.

The aim of the forum is to highlight the issues facing women working in the sector, to develop leadership skills, enhance personal growth, and provide insights into how the sector can collectively go forward in addressing women’s issues in the workplace.
How LinkedIn Can Help Showcase the Best Version of You
Karen Hollenbach, consultant, Think Bespoke @HollenbachKaren

Are you wondering how you could use LinkedIn better? In this interactive session, Karen Hollenbach, one of Australia’s leading independent LinkedIn trainers and consultants will show how to showcase your skills, background and experience on your LinkedIn Profile. She’ll also explain the LinkedIn Journey, which will help increase your knowledge of and comfort with the many new features of LinkedIn. You’ll have the chance to ask your LinkedIn questions and better understand how to navigate LinkedIn for your professional goals.
Could Peppering Your Day With Mindfulness Really Change Your Life?
Sharee Johnson, SKJ Consulting

Mindfulness raises our awareness and helps us make conscious choices, meaning we can respond more and react less to life’s ups and downs. Learn how mindful moments throughout the day can reduce your stress, build your immunity, help you sleep, improve your relationships and your decision making. Sharee will show us what mindfulness looks like in everyday life, at home and at work.  Learn how to induce the relaxation response and inject a little more mindfulness into every day.
The Undefeated Heart; Reclaiming Vulnerability, Compassion & Courage for Emotionally Agile Leadership
Dr Lindy Amos, Organisational Consultant, Facilitator & Coach, Collective Possibilities

Many leaders are putting their energy into a job that they rarely admit, sometimes covering up perceived weaknesses, denying vulnerability, or silently brooding over normal yet unpleasant emotions. By doing this, many of us are buying into the fantasy that worthy leaders are those who are not human: but superhuman, emotionally impervious, heroic and unaffected by the machinations of organisational life. In this presentation, you will explore ways of thinking, feeling and acting which support you to drop your superhero cloak and compassionately confront and embrace your vulnerabilities to use emotionally agile leadership in your organisation.
Connections that Empower
Marika Hubble-Marriott, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers

In this interactive session, Marika will explore the connections that empower you personally and professionally.   Learn to embrace peer networks, participate in crossdepartment initiatives and secondments, be guided by a mentor/sponsor/coach and identify your own personal Board of Directors.   These connections will assist you to build your profile and engage with your team, your council and the community.   Whether you are on the fast-track for career progression or interested in getting more out of your current role, the depth and diversity of your connections will allow you to embrace (or to define) the best version of you. 

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