Future Local Government

Future Local Government reform series

The Future Local Government reform series is designed to support Councils and staff with the future rolling reforms in Local Government over the next 2 years.

The following sessions will be offered;

JUNE - Future Local Government: Governance
Understanding all the changes and nuances in Local Government Reform, the what, why and when as well as the grey.

JULY - Future Local Government: Public Transparency
Public Transparency will dive into building community trust and confidence when decision making in principles-based reform in order to deliver long term community and council visions.

JULY - Future Local Government: Deliberative Democracy
Understand what deliberative democracy is, what it isn’t, why it’s different and important.

AUGUST - Future Local Government: Future Workforce
Understanding future community needs, analysing your current situation and working towards implementing structures and services to meet those needs.

SEPTEMBER - Future Local Government: Cultural change – you have regulated – what now? 
Cultivating different culture to support new reform needs planning and doesn’t occur over night. Here we’ll look at creating great workplace culture, analysing your organisational culture, strategic planning through to implementation

SEPTEMBER - Future Local Government: Vision for places – next steps for reform
Places for community that instil belonging, togetherness, wellness and education don’t always need to be bricks and mortar. 
Here we’ll delve into lessons learnt and constructing engagement rich environments to meet the community’s expectations.

OCTOBER - Future Local Government: Good practice – what next?
Looking at good practice scenarios and how your organisation shapes up for progressing to the next stage.

OCTOBER - Future Local Government: Planning and Financial Management
Identifying and managing risk when planning for the long term.

NOVEMBER - Future Local Government: Risk and Success
Bringing together community vision and Councils plans whilst understanding community and organisational expectations.

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PLEASE SPECIFY THE SESSION/S YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEFORE CLICKING REGISTER MYSELF TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST. Sessions Include: Governance, Public Transparency, Deliberative Democracy, Future Workforce, Cultural Change, Vision for Places, Good Practice, Planning & Financial Management, Risk & Success,

When: June 1 – November 30, 2020

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