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Future Local Government Workshops

LGPro’s Future Local Government series supports Councils and staff in meeting the challenges and opportunities their future presents. The sessions focus on the skills and knowledge/leadership competencies workforce leaders will need.

"Councils need to be accountable for the decisions they make on behalf of their community. This webinar was insightful and acknowledged that while local government can at times be a grey area, Councils can still choose to be consistent with what they do."

- Tracey, City of Whittlesea

We look forward to continuing to deliver
highly relevant and informative online offerings in 2021.

In the meantime, you can let us know that topics and presenters that inspire you, and how you would like to further your professional development in 2021:

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Future thinking Workshops from 2020...

In interactive online Workshops, expert sector and industry presenters delved into topics such as:

Deliberative Engagement

Public Transparency

Future Workforce

Breaking Down the Walls in Local Government

Cultural Change: Creating Clarity & Consistency

New Local Government Planning & Reporting Framework

Effectively Engaging External Stakeholders

A Principles-based Act: Exploring what this means for your Council

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Expert Insights video series to learn more:



Let us know what topics you would like to explore in the 2021 series by emailing us at PD@lgpro.com.

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