Workshop with Peter Merrett

The networking focus we introduced at our 2018 Annual Conference was so popular with delegates we have decided to extend this theme in 2019.

We are pleased to have secured Peter Merrett, an internationally recognised speaker, multi-award winner in business culture and customer experience innovation, to present this workshop.

Specialising in the 'craftsmanship of care', Peter has steered organisations around the world to business transformation and stand-out customer service through investment in the emotional success of their people.

During his adventurous luxury hotel and corporate career, Peter collected some of the most prestigious international customer service awards.  It's not just that he has a knack for giving people goosebumps when he's talking about business culture, positive leadership, team spirit and knock-your-socks off customer experience, he is also known for his authentic, playful and delightfully refreshing presentation style.

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We are currently working on the program for the next Annual Conference which will be held in February 2019, stay tuned!