Short Talk Presenters 

Four inspiring people will present Short talks on Thursday 21 February with two at 11.50am and another two at 2.15pm. Delegates will hear from:

Dr Kerrie Shiell
As a clinical neuropsychologist, Kerrie works with patients, carers and professionals to provide education and support for people with cognitive impairment.  In an environment with often limited resources, increasingly complex patient presentations, and significant carer burden, innovation can often seem impossible.  
Over the last decade Kerrie has inspired individuals and organisation to pool their often scant resources to improve the quality of life of older people in our community.  Through initiatives such as ‘small acts of kindness’, ‘the GEM project’, and the ‘coalition of the willing’, Kerrie has organised schools, musicians, artists, libraries and universities to perform, paint, and volunteer to support patients on the GEM ward.  

These programs have provided opportunities, not only for patients, but also for individuals in the wider communities to improve their skills and knowledge of working with older people and provide additional supports for the very stretched health care system.

Nick Pearce, Co-Founder & CEO HoMie
Nick is one third of the founding team behind HoMie, a Melbourne-based retail business that uses the profit it generates from selling a range of contemporary streetwear to help people experiencing homelessness.

The concept evolved from an anti-child-trafficking fundraising bike ride Nick took from Vietnam to Cambodia in 2013, where he met fellow Aussie Marcus Crook. After returning to Melbourne, the two were inspired to make a difference in their local community by helping homeless people.

Nick’s friend Rob Gillies joined their efforts, and together the three launched Australia’s first pop-up ‘Street Store’ in Federation Square in Melbourne. Supporters donated brand new or good quality clothing, and local homelessness services were invited to bring their clients to the store where they could shop for free, visit a barber and enjoy food and drink.

Since then, the trio has turned the fledgling concept into a permanent bricks-and-mortar store. They continue to invite people living rough to shop for free, and they offer a retail training program aimed at helping young people gain work experience.

Frances Cannon, winner of 2018 Young Achiever Arts & Fashion Award
Frances is a queer, multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne. She works predominantly in drawing and painting in ink, gouache and watercolour. 

Much of her work focuses on the body and the psyche and can be viewed as diaristic as it is based on personal experience. It examines what it is like to be a woman in contemporary times, looking at ideas of body-love, body-loathing, anxiety, relationships, sex, sexuality, gender, and bodily functions. 

France also looks at serious topics through an intersectional feminist lens and uses humour, tenderness, and a touch of silliness to communicate her ideas to her ever-growing audience. She co-runs a studio, shopfront and workshop space called Pink Ember Studio for queer and femme artists in Melbourne.

Alon Cassuto
Deeply fascinated by what makes humans tick, Alon Cassuto is a leadership and behaviour change advisor to many of Australia’s best known businesses. 

Sought after for his fresh perspectives, creative approach and deep expertise in human behaviour, Alon works with leaders to transform their ways of working and deliver breakthroughs and results. 

He spent his childhood in Jerusalem in Israel which gave him an appreciation and fascination with the power of culture.  He moved to Melbourne as a teenager and developed a skill for making small talk about footy and the weather despite caring about neither. 

Alon graduated from Melbourne University Law School and spent three years practising in leading commercial firms. During his time as a lawyer he discovered a passion for building teams and businesses which led him to found the award winning not-for-profit, Young Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce in 2010, as well as his own start-up, Easy Law in 2012. 

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When: February 20–21, 2019
Where: South Wharf