Corporate and Community Planning Award

The Corporate and Community Planning Award is offered annually and focuses on initiatives that demonstrate excellence in Local Government planning.

About the award

The award recognises Council initiatives that have excelled in the following areas:

Council planning
Community planning
Integrating Council and community planning
Performance measurement and management
Service planning, delivery or enhancement
Sustainable community involvement in Council and community planning
Planning for environmental sustainability
Planning for business transformation


Brimbank City Council (top) won the 2019 LGPro Corporate & Community Planning Award for their Community Services and Infrastructure Planning Major Policy and Plan.

The policy and plan recognise the evolving, diverse and growing nature of Brimbank’s 200,000 plus community and outlines a cross-organisational approach to planning, providing and maintaining community services and infrastructure in the municipality.

Maroondah City Council received a high commendation for its Youth Plan which adopts the science of positive psychology and wellbeing to improve the wellbeing of young people in the municipality.

See the awards booklet below for more information on all of the projects nominated for the award.

2019 Awards Booklet