Active Ageing & Wellbeing Awards

For the first time this year the Active Ageing & Wellbeing Awards will replace the Aged & Disability Services Awards which we have previously offered. The change of focus reflects the work that Councils are now doing in this space and the fact that some Councils are no longer involved in the direct delivery of aged & disability services.

The Awards are open to all individuals and teams working in Local Government Victoria who have made a significant contribution to active ageing and wellbeing in the sector.  

Purpose of the Awards

The awards aim to: 

•  Recognise the contribution of individuals and teams working in areas that encourage active ageing and wellbeing in Local Government and their Council 
•  Advance innovation and leadership in the provision of active ageing and wellbeing 
•  Promote high standards in the design and delivery of Local Government programs and projects that promote active ageing and wellbeing

The categories offered are:
•  Outstanding Program or Project – Grant based (externally funded)
•  Outstanding Program or Project – Non grant (Council funded)


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