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  • A new era in Local Government

    LGPro welcomes the new Local Government Act as it will be the catalyst for modernising, reforming and re-energising the entire sector.

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  • LGPro release first Gender Equity Policy

    This year LGPro is proud to release its first Gender Equity Policy. The policy sets out the principles the organisation values and adhere to, to eliminate gender-based impacts.

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  • Important message from LGPro

    To ensure that the health of our team and the wider community is upheld during these times, from Monday 30 March LGPro staff will be working from home. See full message and contact details here.. .

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Professional Development

Providing you a broad range of programs to help you in your work and to progress your Local Government career.

Progress your career with LGPro

  • ELP has encouraged me to be more open to career opportunities that I may not have considered previously. A lot of what I’ve gained is around self-reflection and self-confidence, I’m more willing to try new things and step out of my comfort zone thanks to this program. - Charmaine Calis, Governance & Risk Coordinator, Mildura Rural City Council
  • The XLP was an outstanding experience in every way. The calibre of speakers, the curriculum itself, the facilitation and organisation, debates and networking, the mentoring, it was all absolutely first class. - Dan Hogan, Director, Advocacy Partnerships & Community, Brimbank Council

Upcoming Events




    Caretaker Period Workshops

    Council elections will be conducted in Victoria in October 2020. Our Caretaker Period Workshop is designed to assist Councils to understand how they can operate effectively during this time.

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    Mentoring Opportunities

    Our Mentoring Program facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience, skills and perspectives within Local Government by providing an opportunity for professionals at all levels to learn from each other to progress their own careers.

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    Secondment opportunities

    Our Sector Secondment program offers job swaps for people wanting to extend their experience and skills and the opportunity for Councils to fill short term vacancies and special project roles.

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We are committed to ensuring that our members are supported by sector specific professional development to help them in their work and to progress their career, to providing opportunities to share best practice and develop strong network, and that member interests are represented by a credible and independent voice.

LGPro opens doors

  • I liked the idea of being part of a Local Government focused body. Already I've attended fantastic professional development and met wonderful people, all of which have assisted my development. - Chris Leivers, Director City Works and Assets, Yarra City Council
  • If all Local Government professionals are improving their skills and knowledge, then ultimately the community benefits. - Siobhan Sullivan, Business Improvement Project Manager, Wyndham City Council